Cox Automotive and EV Battery Lifecycle Management

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At the Detroit Auto Show this past September, Lea Malloy, head of Cox Automotive’s Electric Vehicle Battery Business, and Joe George, president of Cox Automotive Mobility, discussed the company’s increasingly significant role in electric vehicle (EV) battery lifecycle management. Their fireside chat touched on many aspects of this growing industry, from government incentives to technological innovations and the pressing need for comprehensive recycling programs.

The automotive industry is moving toward a more electrified future; sales of pure EVs will surpass one million units this year, and a 10% share of the total market seems well within reach. But as Lea notes, this growth trajectory has its challenges.

As Lea and Joe recognized in their presentation, government policies and incentives are helping drive EV adoption. In 2022, the Defense Production Act provided essential supply chain stability for critical minerals, and the even more significant Inflation Reduction Act, which came into play in January 2023, spurred sales and supported expanded battery manufacturing in the U.S.

Importantly, as Lea explains, the Inflation Reduction Act included new requirements for parts, including minerals, which will likely boost recycling and sustainable practices that the industry is embracing. In this arena, Cox Automotive has an ambitious goal: to be a leader in comprehensive battery lifecycle management.

The core of Cox Automotive’s approach is the “re-X” activities — repair, remanufacturing, refurbishment, and renewal. This broad, sustainability-first strategy not only prolongs the life of batteries but also significantly reduces the need for mining new minerals. Cox Automotive’s pursuit is “urban mining,” which recovers raw materials from used batteries. In this sense, recycling is not just about responsible disposal but also resource conservation and a circular economy.

Currently, Cox Automotive has battery lifecycle management facilities in Michigan, Nevada, and Oklahoma and is working to provide the critical services the growing EV industry will need. Contact the Cox Automotive Communications Team for more information about Cox Automotive Mobility and battery lifecycle management.