Choices, Choices: How to spot the technician that is right for your team

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You already know that having the right technicians on your team is critical to your fleet’s success. But when it comes to hiring the right person for the job, how do you know which tech is the best fit your team? You may be surprised to learn that while technical skill is certainly an important factor to consider, it is not the only one. Read on for some hints on ways to spot the technician who will help your team rise to the top of the industry.


A good technician learns new information well


Not everyone is a master of memorizing new skills or information as soon as they learn about it. But even if your techs don’t have a photographic memory, it is important to select those applicants who demonstrate an ability to understand new, hands-on concepts and apply them to their work within a reasonable timeframe – and with a reasonable degree of skill. The best technicians understand the value of constantly educating themselves, even if they are among the best in their field.


This idea also applies to new technology – in an increasingly technology dependent world, no industry remains unaffected. This includes the heavy trucking industry, which means your technicians need to be able to work with updated technology and use it appropriately in their daily work routines. It’s also a good idea to consider offering your technicians regular training on updated technology and the latest information on fleet maintenance.

A good technician is a team player


It is always tempting to pick the star member of any potential pool of applicants. But perhaps more important than choosing the most-skilled technician is choosing a tech who understands the value of being part of a team. After all, you can always teach new skills, but finding someone who truly values working as part of a group is not so easily accomplished.


The greatest technicians understand the value of a job well done, even if that means they do not receive the credit for it. Find the techs who are not afraid to ask questions when they don’t understand something, and who realize that keeping their fleet safely maintained is far more important than being the star of their team.


A good technician needs to react quickly


When you choose a technician to join your team, you need to look for someone who is flexible and adapts easily to unexpected circumstances. As we stated before, this doesn’t mean that they have memorized every line of the employee manual, but it does mean that they are able to find new solutions to problems that aren’t outlined in any manual at all.


Look for the techs who are quick thinkers, and who aren’t afraid to try new ideas or answers, even if they are unconventional. This also means that your technician is willing to realize when a new innovation just isn’t the right fit. Being flexible means knowing that the solution does exist – you just need to take a few extra steps to find it.


FleeTec® Academy

Dickinson Fleet Services is also excited to announce the launch of the FleeTec® Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a rigorous hands-on educational curriculum, FleeTec® is attracting highly motivated and talented employees with little to no prior mechanical experience and is creating skilled and industry-certified technicians through an intensive professional development program. Technician candidates attend a rigorous in-residence educational program designed to establish foundational mechanical skills. The in-residence programs are followed by a structured internship and extended educational program for the development of advanced skills based at one of the DFS Service Centers or field service locations located nationwide.

FleeTec® candidates are paid competitive wages throughout the program, including coverage of all expenses, and are provided with a comprehensive set of mechanic’s tools. After completing the program, these technicians set out on an exciting career path with the nation’s largest independent fleet maintenance and repair provider and are outfitted with the technical skills and industry credentials to be among the elite performers in the industry.

“We are reaching beyond the rising shortage of available skilled talent in our industry and are fueling our future growth with the creation of the FleeTec® Academy, which will bring in a new stream of talent. There is an untapped population of extremely capable men and women who are highly motivated to pursue a mechanical service technology career but who have just not been able to overcome the typical barriers to entry, most notably time and money! FleeTec® is an opportunity of a lifetime for someone who has what it takes to remain focused and dedicated to both work and education full-time as they complete this exceptional, rigorous training program,” said Steve Ginn, Vice President, Dickinson Fleet Services.


About Dickinson Fleet Services

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dickinson Fleet Services is one of the largest independent fleet maintenance and management companies in the country. DFS is the leading provider of on-site mobile maintenance and repair services nationwide, offering mobile on-site maintenance and repair services for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers with over 500 mobile units operating nationwide. DFS services fleet customers with 23 maintenance facilities each offering select services from accident repair, paint, refurbishment and dedicated technician services, combined with an in-house CARES CALL center providing 24/7 maintenance scheduling and emergency repair assistance. DFS has made significant investments in training and technology, including WebWrench® (maintenance tracking and scheduling through proprietary technology) and TRAIT® (real-time reporting and dynamic preventative maintenance inspections processed through a proprietary field service application) and is the only fleet services company in the nation to provide both fleet maintenance and management to its customers nationwide.