3 Important Factors Behind Every Dickinson Fleet Truck Build

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Dickinson Fleet Services is proud to source all of its trucks locally near our company headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Each truck is custom built making sure to meet all OSHA standards. Consistency, safety and convenience are the three key components behind every new truck build. From our custom build compressors to the addition of our new elevated platforms – let’s take a closer look at how it all comes together…


_mg_0067Every single aspect of our company places safety as the top priority all the time, every time. Truck builds are certainly no exception to this rule. Whether our technicians are driving or performing routine maintenance, we want them to always be in the safest environment.

Safety includes things as little as including an eye wash station on each truck all the way to bigger items such as the Elevated Platformsaddition of platforms helping technicians achieve better balance when working at an elevation. Additionally, all of our trucks are equipped with a GPS system to track and monitor driving behavior along with both driver and backup cameras. No matter how big or small, every aspect of safety is always thought through.


Behind every truck build is a great deal of research and feedback from our technicians. The trucks are laid out in a way to where all tools are easily accessible for the technician. It must be easy and quick to get to the necessary tools when the job needs done.

dickinson-fleet-truck-build-0084While convenience is important, safety is never compromised. We look for common trends when gathering feedback from our team before making changes. This ensures we focus on creating the ideal environment for the majority of our team.


The 3rd factor behind each truck build is consistency. Making sure that each technician knows where everything is located no matter what truck he or she is driving is imperative.

All Dickinson Fleet trucks are designed and laid out in a manner that is conducive to our technicians being able to deliver quality work time and time again. It’s through consistency proper training that we make that happen.

Future of Our Trucks

We are currently working on 31 new truck builds near our Indianapolis headquarters with our company owners nearby providing the same the same leadership and direction that continues to move our company forward. At the end of this build blitz, there will be over 280 Dickinson Fleet mobile maintenance trucks out on the road servicing clients throughout the U.S.

Need a Mobile Maintenance Partner?

Contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111 for more information on our mobile maintenance select service to help keep your fleet up and running.