Fleet Managers: What’s On Your 2017 Most Wanted List?

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What is on your 2017 “most wanted” list? Have you pondered this question yet?

I was recently reading an article in FleetOwner Magazine about the Most Wanted Safety Improvements heading into 2017-2018. Much of the list included things you might expect such as: reducing driver fatigued related injuries, increasing the usage technology that prevents accidents and eliminating driver distraction.

To no surprise, many of the items mentioned involve technology. More specifically, technology working for the driver (and the truck) not against them. There’s no doubt that one of the biggest industry trends is a driver that’s better connected with a truck and a truck that’s better connected to the road.2017 Checklist

The other thing you will notice about this list is that the safety items mentioned impact everyone – not just the drivers or Fleet Managers. Other motorists, and ultimately clients, are affected. Safety is something that will always have it’s own list and will always be a hot topic.

But What About Maintenance?

Much like safety, fleet and truck maintenance is something that involves everyone.  In fact, I would tell you that from my experience safety and maintenance go hand-in-hand. The driver, the Fleet Manager and other motorists – they are all impacted.

So what’s on your most wanted maintenance improvement list?

Are you searching for a fleet maintenance company that provides better communication?

Are you looking for a partner that understands technology and can help you deploy it in a way that works to your advantage?

Or how about a maintenance company that works customer hours, not shop hours?

The bottom line is that when your fleet isn’t moving, it isn’t making any money. So if you feel like your current maintenance solutions provider is falling short in delivering on your most wanted list, I’d tell you that there’s money being left on the table.

If this is you, then contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111 for more information

Our Customers

We have customers all throughout the U.S. who know they need to make only one call to get all of their truck repair and maintenance needs handled. Take a look…

“Our business thrives on us being able to have an up and running truck. If it goes down we lose money and upset customers who have scheduled and made arrangements for us to be out at their facility. I know I may sound frantic when I contact you but its for a reason. You have been more than accommodating. This week you guys have proven yourself as you have had your techs here probably 4 times just this week! So I wanted to let you know I appreciate it. Please have these techs recognized for their hard work.” – Paul Doan of Cintas – Deep Clean Division

Make 2017 YOUR Year

No more of the same old story.  It’s time to change things up and make sure you’re getting the service you deserve and crossing things off your “most wanted” list.  Contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111 for more information on our mobile maintenance select service to ensure your fleet is getting the attention it deserves

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