Safety All The Time, EVERY Time

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Safety isn’t a choice. Safety is a necessity.

And at Dickinson Fleet, Safety First means Safety ALL the TIME. Our commitment to our employees is that we will NEVER compromise their safety.

Safety & Training

_mg_0067The concept of Safety First begins Day #1 with every new hire that joins the Dickinson team and continues through our week long training orientation. During this time, we make sure each employee is familiar with our SAFETY FIRST acronym and understands the importance of maintaining a safety first attitude while performing their job – no matter where they might be.

The “FIRST” in the SAFETY FIRST acronym is explained below…

F FIND all hazards.
I IDENTIFY the risks.
R REPORT all incidents.
S STAY focused on task.
T TOGETHER we are safe.

We make sure that each technician at Dickinson Fleet is trained to be able to identify hazards and understand their potential risks. Technicians are instructed on the best way to report unsafe situations to assist in the prevention of injuries and accidents.

We understand that our technicians are also drivers. Not only do they need to be equipped to do repairs and maintenance safely on other trucks, but they need to have the resources to drive themselves safely as well. This includes providing them with mechanical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safety On Our Trucks

For this reason, our trucks are equipped with a GPS system to track and monitor driving behavior along with back up cameras to ensure drivers are always aware of their surroundings. Additionally, we have installed driver cameras in our vehicles so that we may coach our drivers to set the best example possible.

Elevated Platforms & Trailer Services

_mg_0159Most recently, we are outfitting our mobile maintenance trucks with elevated platform capabilities. This allows each of our technicians to have a safe area to complete repairs and maintenance when  an elevated position is required. Further, it gives Dickinson Fleet the ability to provide services for trailers in a safe and efficient manner.

We are very excited about the elevated platforms being added to our lineup. Being able to take care of our clients tractors and trailers will allow us to provide an even more comprehensive solution to our clients. But most importantly, we will be able to provide it the right way – safely.

Need Trailer Maintenance?

Contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111 for more information on our mobile maintenance select service to ensure your tractors AND trailers get the attention they deserve.