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Ready for a Remote FMCSA Safety Audit?

Is your fleet ready for a remote safety audit?  Well, if you’re new to the industry it’ll now be coming within the first 12 months of operation. These new offsite safety audits do not require a safety au…

Deadline Approaching: Getting Up to Speed on ELD

Some Fleet Managers have embraced it. Others have resisted over the years due to cost and the factors. But come December of this year, 2017, all CDL drivers required to keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) must use an Ele…

5 Quick Tips to Survive CVSA’s Safe Driving Enforcement Week

CVSA Safe Driving Enforcement Week is upon us. You don’t want any driver in your fleet to get hit with a ticket or violation. It can be deterimental for the record and hit  the pocketbook hard. Likewise, it’s good to mak…

The REAL COST of Preventative Maintenance & Your CSA Score

How much does preventative maintenance really cost? As a Fleet Manager it’s so important to understand the truth behind the answer to that question. Understanding the CSA Compliance Program

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