What If You Could Own Every Possible Purchase Path?

Now you can anticipate and deliver an individualized buying experience for every shopper with only one partner. Cox Automotive Digital Retailing.

Any consumer. Any deal. Anywhere.

What If You Could Own Every Possible Purchase Path?

Now you can anticipate and deliver an individualized buying experience for every shopper with only one partner. Cox Automotive Digital Retailing.

Any consumer. Any deal. Anywhere.

Get more leads. Close more deals. Earn higher profits.

Every car sale is unique. Don’t compromise the consumer’s experience, or your dealership’s goals, with patchwork solutions. With the most comprehensive set of retail solutions in the industry, only Cox Automotive puts you in position to support any consumer, shopping any way, from anywhere.

more likely to submit a lead1

Establish trust and transparency right out of the gate, for more qualified, higher converting sales leads using a guided shopping experience that converts online shoppers into buyers.

higher close rate than other lead sources2

Identify better leads, accelerate the path to purchase, and improve the customer experience with deeper customer insights, streamlined deal communications, and simplified workflows.

higher gross profit per deal2

Close deals with ease and give your customers a transparent, convenient process with streamlined digital contracting and signing, while digitizing and automating the compliance and security requirements of vehicle registration and titling for more efficiency, accuracy, and profit opportunity.

End to end, and everything in between.

Online, in-store, and automated eCommerce. Cox Automotive has the solutions in place today to prepare you for where the market will be tomorrow—your partner now and in the future. As individual consumer preference for digital interactions and transactions evolves, you’ll be equipped to meet every single one of them on their unique paths to purchase with our advanced suite of solutions.

Shoppers on Autotrader can quickly move along the path to purchase with My Wallet, a personalized shopping experience based on individual preferences that streamlines the vehicle search process and provides unique buying and budget guidance. Once the shopper finds the right vehicle, the personalized experience continues with the same deal terms carried into Accelerate My Deal to save time and make the car buying process even easier.

Deliver a consistent online shopping experience, including the same payment calculations, on Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader and your dealership’s website with Accelerate My Deal. With a seamless integration with Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer, shoppers on all three sites can receive a redeemable offer for their current vehicle from the #1 most trusted third-party automotive brand1 allowing them to move forward confidently in the car buying journey, and you can acquire the inventory you need directly from consumers.

Convert browsers on your dealership website into buyers with Accelerate My Deal, a guided online shopping experience that establishes trust and transparency right out of the gate, resulting in more qualified, higher converting sales leads.


Deliver the flexible buying experience consumers expect and get the efficient workflows your dealership staff needs with Connect CRM, Connect Automotive Intelligence, and Connect Desking. Identify better leads, accelerate the path to purchase and improve the customer experience with deeper customer insights, streamlined deal communications and simplified workflows.


Digitize the path to a single signing ceremony and build complete funding packages with accuracy and greater efficiency with Compliance and Digital Contracting with Assisted Remote Signing to enhance the customer experience and provide a flexible contract review and signing process – anytime, anywhere.

Provide a fully online consumer car buying experience with Cox Automotive Esntial Commerce™. This industry-first, AI-driven eCommerce solution transforms the traditional deal process by automating the deal steps (financing, contracting, and signing). A streamlined deal process results in efficiencies that maximize profitability while delivering increased customer satisfaction based on how they wish to shop.

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Meet all your digital retailing needs with one partner.

A legacy of leading the way

Advance your dealership with technology that advances the industry

Scale your business with solutions designed to meet the demands of the marketplace, now and into the future. The best-in-class solutions of today make car buying efficient for you and your shoppers and include the opportunity to incorporate fully automated eCommerce car buying when you’re ready for it.

Exclusive first-party data predicts probability of purchase and gives you a more complete view of the shopper

Our deep insights include browsing activity before consumers start the purchase process and are grounded in exclusive data from car shoppers using Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book—representing two out of three car shoppers—resulting in deals that are more profitable, and more likely to close.

Unmatched consumer data


Uninterrupted experiences for you and your customer

Whether digitally, in-person, or a combination of the two, customers can complete every step of the shopping and buying process how and where they choose. At their dining table, or inside the showroom, every step is easy to complete. You’ll build trust and give customers a best-in-class experience, increasing overall satisfaction, retention, and long-term loyalty and profitability. And, Cox Automotive Digital Retailing is flexible for you. We’ll help you determine what’s right for you from our suite of solutions. You don’t have to guess which product investment will improve your experience. We’ll meet you where you are and get you where you’re going.

True partnership

Get the most out of your Cox Automotive Digital Retailing solutions with expert guidance and training. Our industry experts will show you how to get proven results that align with your dealership goals.

Proven results with industry professionals

Turn “What If?” into “You Can!”

Get ready for any purchase path.

Predictive, meet-every-consumer-where-they-are technology is expected by consumers because it’s part of most business interactions they have, from grocery shopping to their coffee order. That’s why they demand intelligent buying experiences from you that serve their preferences every step of the way—no matter the direction they choose.

With Cox Automotive Digital Retailing, you get a flexible, single suite of solutions so you can meet the needs of every individual’s, evolving, car shopping path—today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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1. Comparison of visits with vs. without digital retailing activities, Dealer.com hosted websites (Jun 2020–Dec 2020).

2. Cox Automotive product analytics, Cox Automotive Digital Retailing Lead to Close Analysis,VinSolutions sales data (Jan 2020–Nov 2020).