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January 26-29 | Dallas, TX

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Ready to propel business in 2023?

Solving challenges starts here. Let’s determine the right mix of solutions to elevate every corner of your business. Book your demos ahead of NADA2023 to learn how our various solutions sets can help you navigate the future with confidence.

Inventory Management

Amid fluctuating market conditions, are you looking for a data-driven approach to sell cars faster with higher gross? Are you hoping to find one-stop sourcing and wholesaling? Or a vast real-time market to buy and sell dealer direct? Maybe you’re looking to increase your speed-to-market or to reduce the time to get vehicles retail-ready and on your lot.

Cox Automotive Inventory Management builds the bridge between wholesale and retail to unlock greater profitability.

Book your demos for Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer, Manheim, Upside, vAuto, DealShield, NextGear Capital, Ready Logistics, and Central Dispatch to learn more about the solutions that can help you navigate your inventory challenges.


Are you looking for unmatched reach and amplified interest in your vehicles and services? Do you want to maximize and gain visibility into your marketing ROI? What if you could reach and engage the right customers at the right time, optimize your investment with better inventory pricing, and drive truly personalized experiences through digital retailing?

Cox Automotive Marketing offers a connected digital retailing experience that allows you to initiate transactions across every key channel and provides the best-connected, data-backed marketing media & deal-making solutions.

Book your demos for Autotrader,, and Kelley Blue Book® to learn more about the marketing solutions that can help you personalize the customer experience, maximize the performance of listings, and improve profits with a faster, more strategic purchase process.

Retail Ops

Are you looking to provide one connected deal no matter where it starts, one complete view of the consumer for building lifelong connections, and one better experience for your customers and your staff?

Cox Automotive is the only retail partner with the first-party proprietary data, expertise, and proven capabilities to connect every piece of the retail experience and solve for industry shifts and demands.

The most comprehensive suite of world-class solutions with connected knowledge across marketing, sales, service, and back-end operations brings data-driven innovations to you at this year’s NADA2023.

Book your demos for Dealertrack, VinSolutions, and Xtime to see how these solutions can help you streamline processes and optimize profitability while creating more satisfied customers and building lifelong connections.


Are you ready to help your customers succeed in the electric vehicle era? 

Cox Automotive Mobility is committed to being the world’s best battery health innovator and providing dealers with the tools and insights they need to successfully transition to the electric era.

Learn more about how we’re innovating to support used EV adoption and extend the first life of the battery through our patented algorithm that serves as the industry-standard battery health score.

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Sustainability Award Trophy FPO

Driving positive environmental change is one of the most important things we do at Cox.

As a part of Cox Enterprises, everything we do at Cox Automotive is grounded in our purpose to build a better future for the next generation. As we work to leave the planet better than we found it, we proudly recognize one dealership each year with the same unrelenting commitment to sustainability. Join us this year as we present the Cox Automotive Leader in Sustainability Award to a dealership with outstanding sustainability programs and community contributions.

Friday, Jan 26 | 2:00P.M.

Location: Power Up Stage

Cox Village NADA 2023


Our sessions and workshops are focused on embracing emerging technologies to help you deliver next-level customer experiences in a digital-first world. Join the presentations below as thought leaders speak on the industry’s most relevant topics.


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Winning Strategies in a Digital-First Wholesale World

Dealers have seen banner profitability in retail and wholesale recently, but that has more to do with favorable market conditions than newfound discipline. However, this experience has proven that wholesale can be a profit center. Learn how to keep generating wholesale profits as the market normalizes. Rethink how you approach wholesale — from both the buy and sell sides — to maximize profitability. Uncover the strategic steps to thrive in any market.

Saturday, January 28 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Room: D174

Shift your Digital Sales Plans Forward with eCommerce

Transform your automotive retailer shopping and buying experiences to include fully online eCommerce and, more broadly, omni-channel retailing. Close the knowledge gap on how to implement a successful multi-channel digital sales plan and outline common go-to-market pitfalls that can arise as retailers make the shift to eCommerce. Identify the next steps in your retailing strategies — from bolstering current digital retailing capabilities to embarking on a transformation to fully automated online eCommerce alongside existing channels.

Saturday, January 28 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Room: C147

Roadmap to EV Readiness

As new and used EV inventory enters the market at record pace, it’s time to transform your business. Follow this roadmap — from imaginative fixed operations models to agile marketing — to develop EV operations and solutions that make a lasting impact.

Friday, January 27 | 12:00 - 12:20 PM
EV Solutions Center

Using Shopper Psychology to Sharpen Your Merchandising

Consumers increasingly want richer digital experiences to make purchasing decisions online. If a dealer’s merchandising fails to meet digital shoppers’ needs, consumers are less likely to buy from that dealership. Discover how to enhance your merchandising strategies through attention-grabbing promotions and immersive VDP storytelling to win car shoppers’ business online.

Friday, January 27 | 12:00 - 12:20 PM
Dealer Learning Lab

Why It's Time for Variable Management

Dealers face a return of market conditions that challenge their used-vehicle sales and profitability. Depreciation. Limited supply. Affordability and demand issues. Changing dynamics have made turn-every-car-fast management strategies obsolete. Uncover Variable Management, a new approach that helps dealers optimize ROI for every used vehicle. Find out how new data science enables dealers to know each vehicle’s earn/turn potential, and make appropriate decisions to optimize gross/turn on every car amid today’s ever-changing market conditions.

Friday, January 27 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Room: C145

Sunday, January 29 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Room: D161