Intelligently powering
the future of automotive
through connected data

Cox Automotive sees over 24B online interactions across our ecosystem each year. We are introducing over 37 new products, 55 new integrations, and roughly 10,000 product enhancements in 2022 alone. And we’ve got this industry’s top talent to deliver.

Every year Cox Automotive sees

VINs in Market
Service Records
Condition Reports
Vehicle Insights
Online Visits
Consumer Insights
Vehicle Sales
Credit Applications
Trade-In Requests
Valuation Lookups

Proprietary Data Products

Battery Health Score
Cash Offers
Consumer Insights
F&I Automation
Fleet Optimization
Fyusion Computer Vision
Service & Repair Pricing
Vehicle Pricing
Vehicle Valuations

World-Class Talent

Data Scientists
Agile Teams

Cox Automotive is powered by DRiVEQ, a world-class intelligence engine that enables more connected data than anywhere else and integrates our solutions more seamlessly than ever before. The combination of our AI engine, cutting-edge technology, and human talent delivers solutions for better business outcomes.

DRiVEQ is built on

Unmatched data

With an unparalleled breadth and depth of data, we have a real-time view of the consumer, the vehicle, and the market.

Dynamic intelligence

Our AI engine activates this data into highly valuable automotive data assets and insights.

Relentless innovation

Our intelligent, proprietary data products deliver AI-driven insights and predictions that dynamically update and power our Cox Automotive solutions.

Intelligent connection

The proprietary technology products developed by DRiVEQ allows us to intelligently connect our solutions in a way only Cox Automotive can. DRiVEQ is fueling innovation and growth across the entirety of the Cox Automotive solutions set. Here are just a few examples of the power DRiVEQ.

Predictive technology integrates advertising for precise targeting, better customer experiences & higher-value results.
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End-to-end digital solution that starts the purchase online and smoothly transfers to in-store, or anywhere in between.
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Game-changing eCommerce platform powered by F&I Automation delivering deals that transact fully online and in real-time.
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Patented score from VIN-specific data points such as capacity, power, and charge history that protect EV residual values.
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Personalized digital experiences & advertising help reach the right consumer with the right message at the right time.
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Dealertrack without CAI WHITE-3
Flexible DMS uses Critical Analytics to elevate the most relevant measures of dealership health by department for growth.
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The most trusted source of wholesale vehicle values drives transparency and confidence in the wholesale marketplace.
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Live market insights that enable smarter, faster digital sourcing decisions to protect your margins in a single screen.
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xTime without CAI WHITE-2
Surface key service marketing opportunities to systematically deploy personalized promotions and recapture lost revenue.
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VinSolutions without CAI WHITE-2
Tap data-driven insights to personalize the car-buying experience and deliver 1-to-1, multi-channel campaigns at scale.
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Who We Serve


DRiVEQ helps orchestrate end-to-end operations for faster, smarter, long-term growth. Delivering seamless shopping experiences, more efficient and profitable operations, and improved customer relationships through timely and personalized interactions.


Rely on DRiVEQ to deliver cost effective, targeted digital advertising with the right consumers, improved product planning with leading insights around electrification strategies, and enhanced brand exposure with targeted content marketing.


Access first-party data that allows for more standardized and automated workflows, including underwriting, higher loan profitability through more accurate risk and loss mitigation, and efficient fleet logistics with the largest network of connected services.


With DRiVEQ’s integrated data products, we can offer convenient and effective research tools, trusted for their accuracy and relevance. This connects consumers to a seamless shopping and buying experience online and in-store, and instills confidence in service and repair guidance, pricing, and timeliness.
Connected Data: The engine that powers better results

As the industry changes at breakneck speed, using data and the insights that data creates, will be the key to crafting next generation strategies. In the first installment of our ongoing series on data intelligence, Ben Flusberg, SVP of Data Solutions, shares insights about what makes data valuable. Click “Learn more” for more information and check back soon for more posts in this series.

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Together, our brands provide a comprehensive set of products and services for clients that simplify workflows, remove friction, and enable the smart, connected experiences that dealers, OEMs, lenders, mobility providers and consumers expect.