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No one turns inventory faster

Today’s hyper-competitive market calls for more efficient, investment-focused inventory management, where intuition gives way to market insight that yields far better returns.


vAuto’s Conquest helps you make the turn-and-earn nature of today’s new car business an operational priority that elevates profitability and sales across your dealership.

vAuto Conquest

  • Accounts for the latest factory offers so your new cars are priced accurately
  • Assesses current market supply and demand for any vehicle
  • Optimizes merchandising
  • Ensures every new car is priced right for you and your customers
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vAuto’s Provision® used car software suite applies the most powerful live market data available to help dealerships speed sales velocity, increase profits, outpace competitors and prepare for the future.

  • Stock the cars your customers are looking for and sell them faster with total visibility into live customer demand
  • Know exactly what to pay with real-time pricing information on identical cars in your market
  • Competitively price every used car on your lot without sacrificing profits
  • Always know what to bid on auction vehicles to fit your strategy
  • Quickly find the right inventory for credit-challenged buyers
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vAuto’s Stockwave makes stocking level recommendations based on your dealership’s sales velocity and target days’ supply.

Plan & Optimize Inventory | Cox Automotive

  • Search results are personalized based on your buying preferences
  • Get full visibility into the investment per car, with profit potential and maximum bid automatically calculated based on your pricing and exit strategies
  • Source inventory from auction houses in every corner of the country
  • Cars are automatically ranked by profit potential no matter the auction house
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3 Essential Steps To Maximize Gross Profits On Auction Cars

It used to be OK to just go to the auction and buy some cars. Not anymore. The market’s too competitive, transparent and volatile for such gut-driven guesswork. The best dealers today are extremely precise and know exactly what they plan to buy before they spend any time in the lanes or online.

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