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The “Advanced Fixed Operations Management” course builds on the foundational “Essentials” course to further improve the learner’s business acumen for Fixed Operations. Interactive exercises access prior learning and level set each learner as they enter the application phase of Fixed Operations. The operations of a Parts Department is introduced and evaluated as its own profit center. It’s also evaluated for its critical role in supporting the customer experience and profit mission of the Service Department. Learners will learn how a Parts Department functions and is managed day to day. This will render dealer contact personnel comfortable with a parts manager contact and provide dealership service personnel with a greater appreciation for the complex and critical role of the Parts Department. Since Parts processes vary greatly between manufacturers, this will be taught in the context of specific OEM parts programs and objectives upon the client’s request. Learners will see a service appointment system at work and role play actual on-the-drive experiences. They also will discover best practices for the professional service drive process and service operations management at the highest level.

OEM dealer contact personnel

  • Automotive ecosystem overview
  • Key stakeholders of a dealership
  • Government regulations
  • Key industry statistics
  • New vehicle allocation
  • Dealership capitalization basics
  • Merchandising and marketing basics
  • Service and Parts basics
  • Recalls and Lemon Laws
  • Equity mining
  • CPO best practices
  • Reconditioning
  • Vehicle appraisals
  • Auctions and inventory acquisitions
  • Departmental Accountability Through Financial Statement Analysis
  • Essentials of Fixed Operations Management
  • Balance stakeholders’ needs to minimize tension within a dealership.
  • Compare strategies for attracting and retaining customers.
  • Anticipate potential impacts of a Service comeback and how each stakeholder is affected.
  • Determine whether to CPO, certify, or wholesale a given trade-in.
  • Evaluate pricing strategies for trade-ins and make recommendations for a given vehicle.
  • Calculate the appropriate purchase price of a vehicle at auction using vehicle reports.

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