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This course spotlights the F&I Department as the “customer experience bridge” between Variable and Fixed Operations. Numerous individual and group activities are designed to fuel learner engagement.The financial analysis segment explores the F&I Department as a single profit center as well as its impact on other departments affecting the dealership holistically. Throughout the course, learners will develop solutions to F&I challenges. The role play activities leverage newly acquired knowledge and help learners apply and master skills.

  • OEM Dealer Contact Personnel
  • Dealership Management
  • Sales training basics
  • F&I products and positioning
  • Consumer interview elements
  • F&I menu training, development, and role play
  • Consumer credit and negative equity impacts
  • F&I transaction goals
  • Retention building via leasing
  • F&I profit and penetration analysis
  • F&I Compliance laws and regulations
  • Complete an online survey
  • Complete a F&I product spreadsheet at least 3 business days prior to class
  • Bring to class the completed F&I product spreadsheet in either a printed hard copy and/or a digital copy
  • Construct Elevator Pitches that can be used on the salesroom floor and in the F&I office.
  • Examine F&I products’ features and how each can benefit the customer.
  • Conduct an effective interview to obtain information via role play.
  • Recommend modern tools, strategies, concepts, and techniques that drive results by using them in F&I presentations.
  • Assess customer defection risks associated with structuring the transaction that will result in long-term negative equity.
  • Apply best practices and processes to render a more profitable and customer-friendly F&I experience that results in a completed transaction under 45 minutes.
  • Evaluate the strategy for leveraging maximum Variable Operations income via leasing.
  • Recommend solutions for key compliance areas which represent the most significant dealership pitfalls.

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