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OEM Dealer Contact Professional Development Path



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Learners will begin this course with an overview of the industry and new developments in the Service Departments of dealerships. Customer needs are changing as well as the type of vehicle repairs that will be performed in the future. Learners will discover how to evaluate the profitability of the service operation as well as their own individual performance. A repair order survey will be performed on their own ROs so they will be able to evaluate real trends in their own performance. If the learner does not have any repair orders, they will be provided for them as an example. An explanation of the volume strategy in service along with an exercise on work mix will allow learners to contrast different performance outcomes, and service metrics will be explained in detail. After the portion of the class devoted to metrics is complete, the direction turns to the actual application on the service drive process. The entire process will be evaluated from the customer greeting to the interactive delivery process. Learners will role play responses to customer objections and will interact with other learners to create real-world challenges from the service drive… and then offer solutions.

  • Shop Foreman
  • Service Advisors
  • Retention Specialists
  • Industry update
  • Service performance analysis
  • Effective Rate Strategy
  • Modernizing the Service Drive process
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Work mix

Pre-class input sheet including performance numbers from Service Reports, 25 Service ROs

  • Discuss how Service Operations has been historically affected by the increase of technology advances and improved safety features in vehicles.
  • Examine the financial reports to identify significant accounts that can be used to improve performance for both the Service Departments and individual Service Advisors.
  • Analyze a Service Department’s current state of KPIs (e.g., Work Mix, Model-Year Mix, and Effective Rate) through detailed Repair Order (RO) analysis.
  • Quantify any Service Department performance improvements.
  • Utilize a formula to measure success in reducing the number of one-line ROs written.
  • Perform a quick RO Survey to determine if there is any opportunity to change their personal work mix based on the results.

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