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The “Mastering Dealership Operations” course is designed to be a capstone experience for learners who have completed the pre-requisite courses in the Cox University Educational Path. This mastery-level course builds on basic theory and fact-based analysis learned in the core courses, while providing a high-level recap and application of the skills learned to complete the learning cycle. Through interactive, hands-on experiences, learners will analyze dealership profitability and develop sales goals based on “real-life” dealership scenarios. A key component of this experiential learning process is the evaluation and contrast of models and best practices used to plan and develop operational strategies, including staffing models, career and educational paths, and pay plans that support dealership success. After completing this course, learners will be better prepared for sales leadership roles, enabling them to add more value to their sales teams and the dealer’s sales operations.

  • Dealers
  • General Managers
  • Dealership Profitability
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Staffing Models
  • Sustainable Employee Retention Cycle
  • Inventory and Forecasting
  • Digital Retailing / Marketing
  • Career and Educational Paths
  • Pay Plans
  • Departmental Accountability Through Financial Statement Analysis
  • Essentials of Variable Operations Management
  • Advanced Variable Operations Leadership
  • Essentials of Fixed Operations Management
  • Advanced Fixed Operations Leadership
  • Analyze current dealership performance and compare against standard guidelines.
  • Assess the current staffing model of a dealership and recommend improvements based on growth goal attainment.
  • Develop a formalized structured plan for hiring, developing, and retaining high performing employees.
  • Forecast inventory and determine how it will be managed to support the sales goals of a specific dealership.
  • Use digital tools and connected retailing to develop programs that increase digital retailing capability.
  • Create career paths and educational paths to develop top producing personnel and future leaders.
  • Verify that pay plans support the market strategy and customer experience, employee performance, and retention.

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