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The automotive environment is increasingly complex and competitive, with new mobility options entering the market and manufacturers jockeying to create a strong position in an unpredictable future. In addition, research shows turnover in dealerships averages between 40-70%, with only 1.25% of job seekers interested in working for dealerships. Turnover is a drain on profitability, morale and customer satisfaction. The single most effective way to attract and keep great talent, ensure they perform at optimal levels and achieve your business goals is to invest in developing managers who consistently inspire, manage and develop their teams to perform and grow. By engaging others and focusing on mindset, skills and experiences, participants will learn new ways to work in their current responsibilities. As a result, they will be more likely to sustain the changes they’ve learned as they continue to manage their teams. SHIFT|Grow equips new and developing managers with a new mindset that moves them from being a great individual contributor to getting the best out of a team. The Program introduces practical tools and processes, applied in real day-to-day work. SHIFT|Grow sets your managers up to get the results you want while creating a culture that brings out the best in your people. SHIFT|Grow is a six-month program with daily “bursts” of content and application in the context of the learner’s real work. Learning content is distributed online and participants will spend about 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week, plus occasional meetings with their peers, manager and team for discussion and feedback. Participants experience new content through reflection, journaling, discussion with managers, peers and team; and using learned tools and techniques in the work they already do. Each module follows a similar structure:
Week 1 “See It” – explore mindset and principles.
Week 2 “Try It” – experiment with the skills and tools.
Week 3 “Refine It” – align and refine the skills and tools, make them truly theirs.
Week 4 “Teach It” – share what’s been learned and integrate it with the team.

First-time Managers and Developing Managers

  • Set Goals, Manage Priorities, and Optimize Time
  • Maximize Delegation
  • Leverage Conversations
  • Navigate Change
  • Participants should discuss logistics and schedule time to complete the Program as directed in each module.
  • Participants’ managers’ involvement is critical for success.
  • Why and how to set clear, measurable goals. How to align and refine them, and ensure your team’s success.
  • Align your top priorities with your manager and your team to ensure that what matters most gets accomplished.
  • Establish habits that give you and your team the energy and focus to get the most out of the time you have.
  • Use a disciplined delegation process to create a culture that evolves through high performance, ensures that work is done by the right people, and gets employees ready for their next roles.
  • Increase your impact as manager with conversations that nurture openness, empower team members and encourage mutual learning.
  • Reframe how you and your team view and evolve through change, and ensure that you are prepared for the dynamic future of the automotive industry.

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