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OEM Dealer Contact Professional Development Path



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SHIFT | Ignite helps managers of new employees accelerate their ability to connect and contribute in their first 90 days on the job. This is the most critical time in a new role, and a key indicator of how successful and engaged the employee will be over time. Traditionally, “onboarding” is a one-day whirlwind of meeting co-workers, filling out forms, skimming through policies, watching system demos, and, maybe shadowing an expert. SHIFT|Ignite focuses on engaging an employee from the beginning, ensuring they quickly become productive, and feel good about their contributions to the organization. It is a customizable “roadmap” of proven practices and tools to welcome new employees, develop relationships with leaders, peers, partners and mentors who will help them be successful, define their goals and development plans to meet their objectives, and help them understand and integrate seamlessly into your culture. This course will set new employees up to contribute significantly to your business in record time.

  • Managers of newly hired employees
  • Managers of employees starting a new role
  • Get started – introduce the new hire to co-workers, required forms, policies and systems, and their space. Discuss the onboarding plan with them.
  • IGNITE connections – connect with the organization’s mission, leaders, colleagues, and business partners.
  • IGNITE productivity – provide system, process and team training necessary for the new hire to contribute successfully to business objectives and culture.
  • IGNITE success Understand Performance Management and Development Planning processes and tools, agree on 90-day goals and success measures.
  • Inspire New Hires’ passion for the company, its purpose and history, their roles, and their co-workers.
  • Launch productivity through access to the tools, technology, training and support needed for success.
  • Maximize New Hires’ contributions through clear goals and expectations, development planning, and performance management, so all parties have a clear picture of success.

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