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Cox Automotive Market Insights & Outlook Flipbook Available


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Article Highlights

  1. In the 2018 Cox Automotive Market Insights & Outlook, we include data on both the new- and used-vehicle markets and a certified pre-owned (CPO) sales overview, as CPO has grown to record levels and has become a far more important part of the retail used-vehicle market.
  2. 2019 Cox Automotive forecasts are included for new- and used-vehicle sales, CPO sales, leasing and fleet.
  3. This digital format can be shared, downloaded and printed.

The Cox Automotive Economic Industry insights team’s goal is to help automotive industry stakeholders make the best decisions for the future. The 2019 Cox Automotive Market Insights & Outlook flipbook makes accessing key data and insights easy. Replacing the hard copy version, this digital format allows readers to quickly find what they are looking for and can be downloaded as a PDF and easily printed.

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