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Commentary & Voices

The Electric Vehicle Era: Good for People and the Planet – Cox Automotive Mobility White Paper


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Cox Automotive Mobility’s latest white paper entitled Yes, the Electric Era is Here and It’s Good for People and the Planet explores the sustainability revolution that is underway, with EVs playing a significant role in the transportation present and future given their propensity to dramatically cut global warming emissions, charged by an ever-cleaner electricity grid.

The following themes are featured in the new Cox Automotive Mobility white paper:

  • The Three Levels of Electrification
  • What’s Driving the Electric Vehicle Revolution
  • Good for the Planet: Electric Vehicles Are Cleaner From Cradle to Grave
  • Manufacturing, Use and End-of-Life Phase
  • Greener Fleets
  • Consumer & Dealer Perceptions
  • Good for People: Cleaner Air, Better Health and a Planet That Endures

“With electric vehicles still considered by the public as an emerging technology, it’s not surprising confusion, skepticism, and even doubts persist,” said Stephanie Valdez Streaty, director of research and development, Cox Automotive Mobility. “A perfect storm of environmental commitments and greater OEM offerings are vital to driving electrification education.”

Key Takeaways

  • Bottom Line: Fewer Emissions – From factory to road, electric vehicles, with zero tailpipe emissions, emit on average less than one-half of the global warming pollutants that gas-powered vehicles produce – and are getting even better over time.
  • A Cleaner Grid for an Even Cleaner Ride – As we retire more coal plants and bring cleaner sources of power online, the emissions from electric vehicle charging drop even further. The U.S. has a goal to achieve a carbon-free electric grid by 2035.
  • Greener Batteries – The electric vehicle industry is pivoting to batteries that are more responsibly sourced and have a higher percentage of recycled components. Automakers are also building recycling plants to reduce the amount of new material required for a new electric vehicle battery.

With questions or to speak with Stephanie Valdez Streaty or another expert at Cox Automotive Mobility, contact Andrew Nicolai, andrew.nicolai@coxautoinc.com, 949 293 5241.

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