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Career & Workplace

Champions of Business: VinSolutions


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Article Highlights

  1. When VinSolutions describes its culture, one word that’s top of mind is family.
  2. That tight-knit, family atmosphere is General Manager Lori Wittman’s favorite aspect about working for the Mission-based company. It makes it more than just a job, she said.
  3. In Wittman’s words, the company is “super picky.” It looks for prospective hires who fit the company culture and who are smart and driven.

When VinSolutions describes its culture, one word that’s top of mind is family.

“The type of people that work here tend to care quite a bit and will do whatever needs to be done,” said Sam Passer, associate vice president of client onboarding for VinSolutions. “What makes us a family atmosphere is being able to know that you can rely on each other.

“If you need to get out early to tend to something, or you’re about to go on vacation, or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed, it’s a culture where you can turn to your neighbor or colleague and say, ‘Hey, would you mind helping me out with this?’ and the answer’s always going to be yes.”

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