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Connected Service - Cox Automotive Inc.


A service platform that integrates CRM, DMS and inventory management

Combine your service department, CRM, DMS and inventory management systems into a single integrated platform that creates an outstanding vehicle ownership experience, drives service business through the industry’s premier scheduling and shop management tool.

Why it's smart to integrate platforms

  • Increases ROI by using existing software solutions to their fullest potential
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry, provides single sign-on and allows employees to perform every job function from one screen
  • Connects the sales floor with the service lane and schedules customers’ first service appointments with one click
  • Makes it easy to source the right inventory from service lane customers
  • Provides consistent menu offerings and pricing throughout all service tools
  • Seamlessly coordinates internal and external scheduling processes
  • Easily integrates third-party vendors via the Opentrack platform
  • Centralizes customer access to service history, recommendations and communication logs
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and performance management with dashboards to help identify key service trends and opportunities

An optimized user experience that lets you move seamlessly across tools

Xtime Spectrum
VinSolutions Connect CRM
  • Select customers in VinSolutions Connect CRM and instantly schedule their service appointments in Xtime Spectrum 
  • BDC agents can combine Xtime’s VIN-specific menus, real-time scheduling and repair order history with customer CRM data
Xtime Spectrum
vAuto Provision
  • Quickly match service drive vehicles to inventory acquisition and pricing recommendations from vAuto
  • Increase efficiency when sourcing vehicles from service department customers
Xtime Spectrum
Dealertrack DMS
  • Real-time online, mobile and in-dealership service appointment scheduling, and access to vehicle updates and repair order history
  • Integration with TSD or Bluebird loaner car management
  • Real-time integrations for vehicle check-ins (customer, vehicle, RO history, hang tag, mileage, pay type, service type, etc.)
  • Accept estimates, open & print repair orders and seamlessly update them in real time
  • Repair order writebacks for Concern, Cause, Correction, and Approved Service Recommendations
  • Bill out parts and part kits directly through Xtime