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Introducing a single support line for every Cox Automotive solution.

What is 855-COX-AUTO?

855-COX-AUTO is the new phone number for clients to call when they need support with any Cox Automotive solution. In addition to streamlining access to support, 855-COX-AUTO will also provide a conversational voice-response experience so callers can be directed to support agents by simply saying the name of the brand or product they need help with.

Why create one phone number for support?

In order to streamline and enhance our client experience across Cox Automotive, we now offer a single point of contact to get support. No need to remember and dial different phone numbers for every solution.

How does it work?

The conversational voice-response will ask the caller what Cox Automotive brand they need support from. The caller will respond clearly with the brand name (i.e “vAuto”). Then the voice-response will transfer the caller to the appropriate contact center. The phone technology is prepared to take brand nicknames, acronyms and more, but for best results the caller should say the official brand name.

Who should call 855-COX-AUTO for support?

The number is live and available for anyone calling within the United States.

Is 855-COX-AUTO inclusive of all Cox Automotive brands?

Yes, 855-COX-AUTO is inclusive of all Cox Automotive brands.

Will the existing brand support lines remain in-use?

Yes, clients who prefer to use the existing designated phone number(s) for a specific Cox Automotive brand or product may do so. All other support phone numbers will remain active, and interaction experiences will not change.

What if a caller needs support for multiple brands?

The caller should start with resolving one support issue at a time. Once calling into 855-COX-AUTO, they will speak the name of the first solution they need assistance with. Once the first issue is resolved, tell the agent you need support with another solution, and they will transfer you.

What if the conversational voice-response doesn’t understand the caller?

The caller will have two attempts to say the brand they need support with. After two unsuccessful attempts, the technology will connect the caller to an agent who will further assist.

Does this apply to technical support?