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CPO Sales Regain Momentum in October, Cruise Toward Another Record

Sales of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles increased 8% year over year in October and were up 12% month over month compared to September. For the month, 230,346 CPO units were sold. This year CPO sales are up 2.9% versus 2018, growing at a comfortable pace above 2018’s record-setting performance and exceeding 2.3 million sales through … Continued

10 Takeaways from U.S. Auto Sales in October

We’ve combed through October auto sales results in the U.S., looked at retail, fleet, CPO and the individual brands. We know the headlines, as you do as well: Sales were slower than expected and the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) came in at 16.5 million, the slowest month since April. Fleet sales, which have been … Continued

13-Month Rolling Used-Vehicle SAAR

As another data point to monitor the health of the automotive market, Cox Automotive calculates a 13-month rolling used-vehicle seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR). According to Cox Automotive estimates, total used-vehicle sales volume was up 1.4% year over year in October. We estimate the October used SAAR to be 39.6 million, up from 38.1 million … Continued

Strong Fleet Sales Have Supported New-Vehicle Market This Year, but Growth is Slowing

Combined rental, commercial and government purchases of new vehicles were down 10.8% year over year in October. Total fleet volume in October was 182,209, compared to 204,373 in October of 2018. The commercial fleet channel was the bright spot, with sales up 17% year-over-year last month. The other channels declined. Nissan was the top performing OEM … Continued

As The UAW Strike Wore On, General Motors Kept Pushing New-Vehicle Sales

General Motor’s UAW workers got back to work this past week, resuming production at plants across North America and ending a 40-plus day work stoppage. GM and its dealers went into the strike well prepared in terms of inventory, with new-vehicle stock well above the industry average. GM’s new-vehicle sales in the U.S. in Q3 … Continued

CPO Sales Rolling in 2019

Sales of certified-preowned (CPO) vehicles decreased 4% year over year in September but were up 4.7% in Q3 versus Q3 2018. For the month, 204,946 CPO units were sold.  This year CPO sales are up 2.4% versus 2018 with over 2.1 million CPO units sold through September. CPO sales are growing at a comfortable pace … Continued

10 Takeaways from U.S. Auto Sales in September

September sales volumes were lower as expected, with fewer selling days and no Labor Day weekend in the mix. Compared to 2018, industry volume was down 11%. The sales pace was still relatively healthy though, thanks in part to strong fleet performance and healthy incentives during this model year sell down season. Our Kelley Blue … Continued

Quarterly Light-Vehicle Sales Report – Q3 2019

Overall industry performance in Q3 finished near the Cox Automotive forecast and down just slightly from year-ago levels. The market was fairly stable as the industry experienced three consecutive months near a 17.0 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR). Data highlights for new-vehicle sales are assembled in a report published quarterly by Kelley Blue Book. This … Continued

Days in Inventory Tracking Higher for Used Vehicles

It is important to look at average days in inventory for retail used vehicles because as used retail inventory ages, dealers begin to slow wholesale purchases. 2017 began with the most days in dealer inventory for used vehicles, for all three years, with the month of January having an average of 91 days as measured … Continued

GM Inventory Remains Robust Despite Strike

An analysis by the Cox Automotive Industry Insights team indicates General Motors continues to have ample supply of new vehicles to sell, despite a strike and work stoppage that has entered its fourth week. According to Cox Automotive estimates, GM’s September sales were down by just over 11%, generally in line with the overall market. … Continued