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7 min read
Sales Working Deals in a Digital World Dealerships have arrived at a moment of unprecedented opportunity, where it’s now possible to drive increased efficiency, profitability — and even customer… Read Article
4 min read
Sales Is It Time to Reevaluate Your Dealership’s CRM? As the saying goes, we all strive to “work smarter, not harder.” That’s undoubtedly why your dealership invested in its current CRM:… Read Article
5 min read
Sales 2018 Vehicle Tech Features Study In-vehicle technology has significantly increased in importance to vehicle shoppers over the last four years. In fact, vehicle tech now ranks ahead… Read Article
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Sales A Way to Increase Profitability That Many Dealerships Overlook We all know that margins are shrinking for dealerships and that it’s a trend that is likely to continue. With that in… Read Article
4 min read
Sales How to Convert on the 3 Customer Buying Signals We live in an age where technology provides dealerships with an immense amount of data about what customers want—but only if they… Read Article
4 min read
Sales Cox Automotive Leasing Study New vehicle leasing peaked in 2016. Since then, the cost advantage of leasing over the average auto loan has decreased, causing the… Read Article
4 min read
Sales Cox Automotive Incentives Study New vehicle incentives have increased dramatically since 2014, yet over 50% of consumers have little to no familiarity with them. However, 60% of… Read Article
34:11 min watch
Sales Out-Retailing the Competition: Prepare for Today’s Preferred Buyer Experience SAAR is leveling and an increasing supply of used cars is creating price pressure on new cars. This more competitive marketplace is… Read Article
8 min read
Sales 2018 Emotional Connections Study It’s no surprise that buying or leasing a vehicle is an emotional experience for consumers, but the Cox Automotive 2018 Emotional Connections… Read Article
5 min read
Sales The Future Is Here: Connected Retail By Mike Burgiss, Vice President of Digital Retailing – Cox Automotive Almost everyone in the automotive retail market – and even some… Read Article
12 min read
Sales Driving the Digital Deal Growing consumer preference for online shopping options creates a competitive opportunity for dealers. By implementing digital retailing strategies, dealers can: Align with… Read Article
8 min read
Sales 4 Truths of “Connected” Retail The Cox Automotive Future of Digital Retail Study survey of 2,550 in-market shoppers reveals that most consumers prefer to purchase from a… Read Article
9:18 min watch
Sales Used-Vehicle Prices Contrary to analyst predictions that used-vehicle prices were going to plummet, we have seen a more-than-normal increase in used prices. In this video,… Read Article
5:26 min watch
Sales Consumer Credit As we look at the record level of auto sales in 2015 and 2016, there is no question that the market would… Read Article
3:45 min watch
Sales Shifting Consumer Preferences Did the crossover kill the mid-size car? There is no question that consumer vehicle preferences are shifting, and in this video, Jonathan… Read Article
4:12 min watch
Sales Digital Retailing According to the 2017 Cox Automotive Digital Retailing Study, nearly all consumers (98%) want the ability to do at least some piece… Read Article